Tax evasion and forced integration

At a time when current events rhymes with tax evasion, it would probably be good to note that talking of evasion is a freedom reserved for some and that other people, forced to migrate without their property, are deprived of this freedom.

Unless hiding one’s assets, burying them in the ground, is a contingency reserved for a few worldly fortunes.

In fact, we could ponder the right meaning that some give to the words “migration” and “escape”. What are the fundamentals, God or Caesar, what are the horizons to which our eyes can significantly turn?

The question remains: am I worth less than my weight in gold? Am I still receptive to the Golden Rule to which mankind still refers sometimes? Are we aware, too, that my measure remains the other, the one to whom it is not good to do what I do not want him or her to do to me?

Are we what we are or do we become what our assets, evaded to places of (temporary?) safety, are ?

Or are we still able to reveal our human side, to ensure that a portion of our assets are used to focus on the future of those whose migration and sometimes integration is restrained, or even forced?

If our heart is moved, then it may be wise to look into the Josefa cradle where another proposal appears: combine tax evasion with forced migration to promote shared interests: taking shares in the Josefa House; a real estate proposal with the colours of the world under a sky lit with a future imagined with those that my oversized assets hid to my heart.