Contribution and Action: Real Estate in Action

After 18 months of strategic building, action-research, validation, development of partnerships, the time has come for Josefa, in 2013, to implement.

As stated in the 2012 annual report, the Josefa proposal has been validated both locally and internationally.

So the time has come to do otherwise, and to find a property that would become the Josefa House. While welcoming the proposal of a property is a step, welcoming contributions or investments to convert a potential into a reality is another one: it is the present of Josefa.

Therefore, the Josefa Foundation is acting so that the attention or the interest given by you, the organizations or institutions, the businesses, the government, might take shape. From the kind or supporting word to the act of contribution, there is only one step, one slight movement that is in no way a forced migration.

For to facilitate the transition from speech to gesture, the Josefa Foundation has developed a unique model combining social impact, economic profitability, and fiscal recovery.

This real property in action, however, remains deeply rooted in a unity built between ethics and aesthetics. It is up to you, to us, to take advantage of this inherently attractive movement: the building of the Josefa House.