Within the Josefa Foundation, volunteering means being convinced that together it is still possible to transform our world by rethinking our migrations.

Depending on my time available and according to my skills, I can help to strengthen the Josefa proposal by making it grow and known around me.

For any volunteer proposal:

I am a donor

Through my financial contribution (donation or loan under private seing) on behalf of the Josefa Foundation, I can support the Josefa House and its deployment.

I donate online

The Josefa Foundation is committed to allocating my donations to the development and the operation of the Josefa House in Brussels and Belgium. For more information:

Moreover, by making a will or making a bequest to the Josefa Foundation, whether I am a natural person or an organization, I am promoting another future for "living together" in view of our migration to all. In this regard, it is worth noting that, as a Charity Foundation recognized by Royal Decree, the Josefa Foundation enjoys a tax rate on bequests favourable to fair transmission. My notary or the Josefa Foundation () will be able to inform you.