Lucidity: what about it? Is it a collective matter, a particular or even universal apprehension, or is it an individual posture, a singular state? And if it is a political economy, is the decision-making process democratic, participatory or autocratic? 

"... In the middle of a summer afternoon, in Salé, in my neighbourhood, Hay Salam, the angel of death took my soul, but only for a few seconds. I saw myself from above, a sleeping body, peaceful and blue. Did he have mercy on me, this terrible white angel? Had God made a mistake? They finally gave me back my restless soul after those few seconds during which they discussed in front of me my fate, the days and years that would come for me, my destiny in spite of myself. And they left for other destinations... "

The Josefa Foundation celebrates its 10th anniversary (2012-2022). Together, migrant. On this occasion, the Josefa House displays its voice on its walls. Welcome to us, All, migrant, to listen to its presentation, its vision, its mission. 

Josefa's journey is now more than 10 years old and it is difficult to sum up in a few words a vision that has been built up over the years. If only to note that our migrations open us up to other forms of relationship to the world, of which we are, together, each in our own way, migrant inhabitants.

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