The Josefa Foundation celebrates its 10th anniversary (2012-2022). Together, migrant. On this occasion, the Josefa House displays its voice on its walls. Welcome to us, All, migrant, to listen to its presentation, its vision, its mission. 

Josefa's journey is now more than 10 years old and it is difficult to sum up in a few words a vision that has been built up over the years. If only to note that our migrations open us up to other forms of relationship to the world, of which we are, together, each in our own way, migrant inhabitants.

We live by the eye laid on our present migrations. Intelligence.

We think by the glance directed on our past migrations. Memory.

We hope by the vision of our future migrations. Willingness

We humans are certainly ambivalent, even absurd, beings. What we perceive as a normal development of our being would certainly surprise any neutral observer of life on earth. An alien life form watching us for centuries would probably be as fascinated as shocked by our human species. What this has to do with “migration” can only be understood by tracing the history of human development.

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