Participative proposal

In this new fiscal year, we are happy to share with you, active or potential contributors, that our business plan is available on request, as well as the associated fiscal note. These documents were prepared with the cooperation of consultants from PwC.

This clarification allows us to remind you that the Josefa House dynamics, reflected particularly in its real estate project, aims to articulate at best the economic and social dimensions, and therefore the notions of space, time and tax.

The Josefa Foundation, its Board of Directors, its team of employees and its volunteers are willing to make themselves available and listen to every person or institution that wishes to be more informed about economic, financial, fiscal or real estate matters, before considering or committing their human or material contribution with the Josefa Foundation.

So, documents are at your disposal, on the website of the Foundation or, on request, by mail. However, at the beginning of this year, we think that it is still preferable to meet you personally, in order to answer your questions and especially gather your advice or opinion, so that the Josefa House can also become yours, both through your inspiration and through your material contribution.

So, to you, to us, to the people or institutions who will receive the Josefa proposal as a stake in the present and in the future for an ethical and sustainable “living together”, we send all our best wishes for success.