Build "together" the JOSEFA house where the other is my guest, and vice versa

It is true that even in the most perfect and strongest of families, it is essential not to confuse one’s earthly house with the final dwelling, the birthplace of our destiny, where we are going back, beyond earthly life, beyond death.

However, in our world, everyone is looking for a stable place for themselves, their family, their children, where it is possible to live, meet and welcome each other. This house is certainly not the eternal home, but it is, for a time, sometimes for life, what we make of it, what we want it to be.


Small or large, of straw or bricks, it is a place of life, of sharing, of hospitality.

Transient or more permanent, those who in our cities seek their home, to enjoy a new-found stability, in order to no longer dream of an ideal "elsewhere" on earth, will be invited to share a roof, a space, a time, time to stay and find a response to their search for stability.

The meeting which will be made possible with the Josefa House is aimed at promoting this deep need to embody, each in his or her own right way, our common existence in a shared space, time, and history, together, whether or not we are affected by a forced migration.

Step onto the threshold of a new life, after a forced, upset migration, entering the Josefa House is possible today: let’s build "together" the Josefa House, at the heart of our lives, so that guests, migrants, refugees, residents, we appreciate more the space and time given to us to share.