Call for financial resources and a real estate ac

To realise its mission to contribute, through housing, to ethical and sustainable integration, as well as to the full development of refugees, the Josefa Foundation included in its statutes the objective to acquire and to fit out a real property.

To reach this bold objective to welcome in the same house residents with refugee status, but also residents not affected by forced migration (company employees, trainees, volunteers, you, us), the Josefa Foundation is looking for a beautiful, architect-designed, fairly large house.

As you can see, any material, architectural or real estate proposal will find a listening ear among those (directors or team of employees) who, for a few months now, have been searching for funds, but also for a house in the Brussels urban area in order to lay as quickly as possible the foundations of the Josefa House.

As a reminder, the deadlines are very tight since the goal remains to be able to welcome the first residents at the end of 2014.

Of course, the administrative and legal stages will be numerous, but the priority remains to reconcile the goodwill with the contribution of financial, material or real estate means, starting today.

That is why we invite each one of you to think about what you, or people in your personal or professional circle of acquaintances, can consider regarding real estate, so that eventually each of us, refugees, public or private institutions, economic or social stakeholders, citizens, could really benefit from our current investment, whether we are a speculator or merely eager for an ethical and sustainable investment, that is, an investment which is profitable for all and first of all for oneself, for yourself.

In this way, real estate and resources are combined for the common good.