Migrant perspectives: mirror of September 6, 2019

Facing you, mirror, facing me, facing all of you, in my uniqueness, I am.

He is, she is, you are, we are, on both sides

Mirror, you bring me back to my migration.

You become a path, a passage to the story that I live out, that I tell, with you, with all of you.

In this unique instant, I am revealed to my migrant condition.

Projected beyond the threshold that you are, mirror, towards this creative moment, source of migrations.

A perspective on me, on you.

In front of your gaze, my own gaze expresses a game, a relationship.

In front of you, through you, mirror, I become an Other.

This otherness reveals itself to me and reveals to me my migrant being.

I was, I become another, facing you and, in this, I remain a migrant.

He, she, you, mirror, subject, object, outlooks, others, towards, by, for, my, our migration.

Migrant am I.