Maison JOSEFA Avril 2023

Interested in exploring the notions of collectiveness and inhabitation breaking away from its traditional paths that are often dictated by homogeneity and monetary criteria, I came to encounter Josefa. A place that I view and recognize as one positioning and reflecting on our existence as being all migrants settling in the world as passers-by with unique identities and thereby considering inhabitation besides a solely functional and material side.


I learned that you would never again return to the Josefa House where you were staying, on March 21, 2023, the day of spring, the day when the living comes back to visit us to let us know, by this recurrence, by its frequent incursions into our lives, that it is eternal.

Als ik de moeite doe om in de huid van een "migrant" te kruipen en de ideale en perfecte gastheer wil zijn van wie elke gast droomt… wat word ik dan? Word ik dan iemand anders? Of blijf ik gewoon mezelf, maar dan in een positieve versie? Is dat dan een kwestie van coaching of marketing? ....

SHIFTS is mijn eerste grote stap als geluidsdocumentalist en als vrijwilliger bij de Josefastichting…

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