Message: Spirit and Fundraising

I chose to work with the Josefa Foundation, because I agree with the Josefa vision. Thus the desire to have a renewed perspective on (forced) migration in our society seems innovative to me...

Migration should be valued because it is enriching, and the importance of hospitality is essential to our present day. I want to contribute to a more peaceful world and I think Josefa offers this possibility.

During my professional life, I was involved in the promotion of human rights. After having researched the history of the persecution of German Jews, and having thus measured the weight of migration, I must now look to the future without ignoring the lessons of the past, and wholeheartedly commit to the present-day issues of migration.

Promoting togetherness among refugees and other citizens, in the Josefa House, a beautiful house in the heart of Brussels, highlights the rich history of each person and in particular of the exiled migrants. The Josefa House and its residents will in this way open a window on the world. Feeling "at home", having roots and taking root in a society, a culture or a language opens the field of possibilities. This is another reason that encourages me to work with the Josefa Foundation.

I also appreciate Josefa’s holistic approach which respects the differences and beliefs of each person: this comprehensive approach seems to me to contribute to building a better world.

Working as a fundraiser (which is my role within the Josefa Foundation), I meet with people or organisations in order to bring them together and gain support for a commitment with a strong social responsibility. Beyond fundraising and effective public relations, my objective is to preserve the spirit of reciprocity and hospitality, dear to Josefa.

And so working with the Josefa Foundation also becomes an opportunity for me. It's exciting because Josefa is keen to participate in a renewal of our society, and the living creativity of migrations is its original challenge.