Letter to a Friend

Dear Jacques,

Following your words relating to the logo of the Josefa Foundation (www.josefa-foundation.org), I can only applaud your watchful eye on Josefa, at a minimum on its logo...

Your reading is very logical, but without wanting to sing an apologetic verse, I nonetheless suggest you dive deeper or reach higher (not too much!) in regards to the logo of Josefa (which you describe as "weird"), you could then discover many other openings, of a personal, relational or spiritual nature, for example.

Moreover, the fact that you mention "Carrefour” invites me to think that unconsciously, again at a minimum, you have perceived that the Carrefour and Josefa spaces resonate, albeit in different and very distinct ways (a purely economic approach for the first one versus a philanthropic approach for the other one), to the extent of the cantus firmus of the crossroads, or even of the encounter and the otherness.

Another way to associate the letter with the spirit; and this is the challenge of Josefa. It is about inviting us to a displacement, a migration that become opportunities for reciprocity (social, economic, cultural, convictional) with those for whom that migration is forced (the refugees).

So I can only suggest that you take another (less technical and more vulnerable) look on the Josefa proposal, not for you to do your shopping, but that you move briskly within it and, why not, make Josefa benefit from your expert advice... in communication.

Finally, if your watchful eye is renewed, and if you don’t mind, you can also share your Josefa experience with others, refugees in our "weird" cities.

With all my friendship,