JOSEFA in words

Josefa tells us: "All of us, migrants"

From our birth to our death

We become migrants, we are migrants,

And even before, and even after

Before joining this world,

Before participating in its History,

I am already a migrant

From my conception to my mother’s womb.

And when my birth occurs

Then my founding migration happens

I come alive, I am a human being

To stay or to come and go.

From arrivals to departures, my life

Is coloured, joyously or painfully,

Of residences or exiles

Of actions or contemplations, I am.

Freedom and responsibility,

Resistance and submission

Accompany my steps, my actions, my perceptions

My life is migration.

Giving life or welcoming it,

From hospitality to refusal of hospitality,

Is to build my migration beyond myself

From generation to generation.

At the end, at the ultimate Moment

My breath slips through the door

In an eternal migration

Towards a mysterious future.

Peace, lights, wars, darkness,

For a Moment and always

My migration, personal, unique,

Takes part in our own migrations.