JOSEFA: happiness

"The word happiness comes from the Middle English word “hap” which meant chance or luck. Although in some cases, happiness can come about by chance, it can be more than just a fleeting joy. It can be sustainable and enduring. Seen as "the motive of all our actions" (Saint Augustine), it takes place not just in the afterlife, but here and now…

The tragedies of Lampedusa remind us of this. In a speech about these unlucky migrants, victims looking for an uncertain, but earthly happiness, Pope Francis has rightly talked about shame, but also about the"globalisation of indifference".Is it normal that on the other side of the Strait of Gibraltar, a worker earns 15 times more... or less? Is it acceptable that Europe subsidises its agriculture with € 60 billion per year and tends to suffocate the rural economies of the South by limiting their rights of access? Today, the concepts of complementarity and solidarity should take on their full meaning! While Europe is aging and Africa is presented as "the continent of the future" (Europe World, Spring 2013), shouldn’t European countries achieve more than ever their target of 0.7% of GNI (0.4 % in 2011), assigned to development aid?

Indeed, the economic crisis has struck the world; national self-interests in regards to migration and the rise of nationalism on the eve of the European elections have gained importance. So all the more reasons to accept the invitation of the Josefa Foundation to a shared happiness!"