Josefa, like a bud, opens and hatches according to the rays of light she receives, bringing hues and sparkles to the future petals that will decorate the flower. In her heart, she offers herself to those who wish to recharge their batteries, those who are only passing through. A faded buzzing, a set moment where the vibrations of the moving wings resound.

Josefa, a space-time conducive to journeys, where the path does not reveal its destination, but where the navigation is drawn according to the winds that come to rush into its sails. Josefa invents herself, welcoming the footprints of those who venture there, who come to encounter themselves and others, questioning themselves in the face of their own and unique migration.

Josefa, a place of collective experimentation where synergy works in favour of a common proposal: the construction of a living together, built through a project of solidarity housing, where singular paths meet, creating cultural productions, architectural proposals and social innovations.

Josefa is above all a reflection on our human condition, in a spirit of respect for every migration, every migrant being, so in a spirit of respect for all, for every human being, all in migration, suffered for some, chosen for others, but lived by all of us in a holistic way. The term migration regains its essence and beauty because it has been extirpated from its spatial-temporal partitioning and its nominative declination: "the migrants". For no path leads to this migrant nature, it is our breath that celebrates and reveals it.

Josefa, for my part, was a meaningful and significant experience, a time of residence where the rushed gaze perceives new reflections. These generate innovative reflections on the landscapes of today and on all those that could happen, through necessary and feasible proposals for tomorrow.