Façade or interior?

A large façade, like many others in Brussels. However, what lies behind it is not common

Men, women and children of various origins, cultures and religions live there peacefully. While I was visiting the Josefa House for three weeks only, I was warmly welcomed. What impressed me most? My first Monday there. We shared a tasty couscous, all around the same table. I was afraid at first of having difficulty in communicating with some people, because I do not speak, for example, a word of Arabic. But, in the end, I overcame this obstacle and was able to meet nice and generous people. The evening ended with music, all of us gathered around Hussein and his oud, each person bringing to the music what he or she had (voice, rhythm, listening). I thank everyone for the welcome I received and for your generosity. I wish you all the best in your future lives, hoping that our paths will meet again.