Opening of borders

What place do we give to "spirituality" in our "travels", in our "migrations"?

If to move is a sign of vitality, health, and growth, why then do we still very often want to limit the migration of others?

Why, on the other hand, do we ignore or not listen to the "spiritual", untouchable, mysterious part of the other, the migrant, travelling freely or by force?

By viewing myself in the other, I am at great risk of suppressing the part of the other in myself, with his memory, his strength, his convictions, fortunately unique and thus different from mine, from "ours".

The future of humanity lies... in our migrations!

Our migrations are not only of the body, but also of the soul and spirit.

Consequently, let us not create new "spiritual" walls, new "intellectual" boundaries, where our physical migrations already struggle with the opening of temporal boundaries!