Dare to be kind

Has the time not come to view migration, our migration, not with resistance, sometimes fierce, but with kindness, so as to break down our walls of communalism?

Can we continue on our path of humanity without changing our attitudes, our thoughts, our views on migration too often reduced to a "concept", a "class", "statistics", or even a "problem" for our societies?

Would it not be simpler, more humane, to look at our faces, each of our faces, whether we are a free or forced migrant?

Daring to be kind in regard to migration means leaving paths that are too temporal, material, political, and entering spirituality in order to finally – the time has come! – dare to be different and renew our spirits by the contemplation of our migrant bodies.

Daring with kindness to see, in each of us, a migrant who walks, in himself, with himself, beyond himself, in the heart of our migrant humanity!