Migration, united in love : René ze good and Marie ze brave

What more beautiful and great marriage than that of goodness and bravery

Rare alchemy, of the imperial order

Songs of courtly love have not found a more beautiful arrangement 

Goodness and bravery, mated to the rhythm of the seasons

Cows of Vaudragon, cherries of Montromant, nature of Larajasse

To the rhythm of a unique encounter between Marie and René

To the rhythm of filiation, of hard work in the garden, in the household

Marriage combined with the passing of time, with Easter and Christmas

Sunday masses, little children and simple days that intertwine

Goodness and bravery, together in the face of adversity, sometimes lack

Sobriety of the avant-garde, generous and natural

Goodness and bravery in the face of the son who left too soon, the daughters who become mothers,

The remaining son, unrepentant world traveler, until the day of return

Tears of parents, between resistance and submission - rather submission, in fact

This is the reason for the marriage between goodness and bravery: to endure, to let go

Do not hold grudges, know that the Lord watches and provides

Goodness and bravery: marriage for the better, challenge for the worse - an unstoppable recipe

Goodness dispensed in the generosity of his smiles, his hands, the hard work of the earth

René, voice always peaceful, conciliatory, joyful companion

Bravery, in the face of material life, administrative life, family life

Marie, the essential within

Inwardly, the little things, the daily routine, the measure

Goodness and bravery, what better marriage? 

Marie and René, at the corner of the Rue des trophées

Only sixty years old, - a nothing before eternity

You have given us so much, and taken so little.