Manual and visceral migrations

Inner journey at Josefa House in the heart of our intimate habitat. Trained in the Chinese technique Chi Nei Tzang, Annabelle leads the Alma care space at Josefa House. Annabelle proposes an approach to our migrations, among others, by listening to our body memories.

Like the turning circle of ying and yang, the hands travel on board the abdomen, the time of an inner exile, gravitating around the navel. Through a Taoist approach to healing and more or less deep touches, the belly massage cares for, detoxifies, purifies and strengthens the body.

By stimulating the organs, viscera and circulatory systems (vascular, nervous, lymphatic, muscular and energetic), it allows the evacuation and elimination of toxins, memories and stagnant negative energies, thus strengthening the immune system.

On the massage table, only the stomach is bare. In the respect of the Dharma wheel (symbol of Buddhism), Annabelle's hands turn and work, favouring the digestive transit, untangling clogs and obstructions, and restoring the vitality of this second brain of the body, where the emotions are housed. This storehouse of emotions, resentments and worries (fear in the stomach, making bile, having something on the stomach, not digesting an event or a situation, having or not having guts, having a spleen in short supply) benefits from an ancestral gesture initiated by Asian monks, which will help it to sort, organise, release and digest emotions. In the belly, 95% of the serotonin rate and 75% of the immune system of an individual rest, it is an understatement to say that the main flow of our energies, good or not so good, is concentrated there, for our bodily health, energy.

For yogis (yoga practitioners), the chakras (energy centres in Ayurvedic medicine) 1 (Root - connection to the earth), 2 (Sacred - creative energy) and 3 (Solar - personal power), located between the pubis and the plexus, represent the energetic and emotional base of the individual. These three chakras are located in the abdominal area like the supports of a centre of gravity on which the rest of the body depends.

Thus, Chi Nei Tzang, by means of a digital migration, allows the recentering and works the energy (the Chi) of the internal organs, of the belly, this so intimate place which lets itself so hardly approached. In just one hour, the energetic mobility of the organs is restored, promoting overall health and life forces.

Welcome to discover this journey of interiority at Josefa House.