The strangeness of the stranger: a refuge for oneself

Albert Camus reminds us that apart from a few holy exceptions, in each of us lies a little Meursault, "The Stranger". We can certainly identify ourselves, tell our story through a résumé, a LinkedIn profile, a Web page, a blog, or even an expression, the result of a long psychotherapy or of another resilient life path, but would we really be able to relate our share of strangeness, our share of difference, our share of uniqueness, that have taken refuge inside ourselves?

Some elders tell the story of the gods who, seeing that men were trying to reach them by building towers of Babel and trying to join them in their divinity, were wondering where they could hide permanently. They decided to take refuge in the depths of man, in the privacy of his heart, where no one would find them.

It would therefore be in this unique place, in our infinite interiority, that our difference, our unique strangeness lives and is being told. It is in here that our being, our own wayof loving, of watching, of welcoming others is expressed.

Therefore, the strangeness of the "stranger" becomes an invitation to find and recover our own strangeness, to seize it, and ultimately to grow in humanity.