For or against

Welcoming the foreigner: is this a duty, a constraint, a charitable gesture or a superhuman effort? In light of some of the feedback we received after the launch of our website, it is worth asking the question.

In fact, in the proposal that the Josefa Foundation is making, the answer is included in the question. Indeed, it is not about a duty that we have to accept the foreigner in the legal sense of the term, but it is first of all about a fact. For the State which is sovereign has recognised in this other one, the refugee, a person who is welcomed by law, according to international conventions, and thus invited to integrate into the host society which receives him or her.

Therefore, this fact, this situation, fosters an attitude which is not in the sphere of "for or against", but on the contrary is in the ethical sphere (the legal sphere being already taken care of). The issue is to invent or build a "together", as if tomorrow, in our turn, we would be in a situation where we would have to find refuge “somewhere else” more or less hospitable.

Doubtless the answer varies, according to the heart, according to the story of each one. However, it remains that the commitment to think of a life together must be ethical and sustainable, as if tomorrow already placed us somewhere else.

So, the Josefa Foundation invites us to imagine a House which promotes a "model" of life, associated and developed on mutual economic and social interest. That is why, each one, with his or her own status, with her or his own journey, whether refugee, Belgian or European citizen, public or private institution, company or individual, can feel called on by the Josefa Foundation proposal. Don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you.