The name of the JOSEFA Foundation has no doubt stirred something within you

While already lying dormant in the minds and hearts of some of us, we received it as a gift in the course of the initial meetings of the Josefa Foundation’s founding members.

It offers itself to us, to you, and invites us to dwell in it.

Josefa, as a name, refers to a person, the person, because the Josefa Foundation intends that the human person be at the heart of its mission.


Josefa, as a resonance, suggests, within the history of our migrant Humanity, both figures of people made vulnerable by migration and rooted in a singular tradition, like Joseph, at the heart of the biblical story, who experienced a time of exile with his family, just like his ancestor and patriarch.

Josefa, as a gesture, finally, with its feminine sound, is a profound expression of hospitality.