Politics and media

Politicians and media, you don't say "migrants"; you impose them on "us" by creating a "language" which makes the so-called migrants "objects" of ignorance since this posture prevents us from meeting the actual person, as they are, in their uniqueness; all we have is this one word, a sign of collective discrimination...

We are (us, you, and "them") migrants as well, and it is not you, the politicians or the media, who should impose "your outlook" on the world and on what we, including you, are.

In your words (almost without exception in the political and media fields in Europe), migration and its subjects-objects, the "migrants", appear only as a mass, a "thing" for others to look at. No place, no room for otherness.

Everything seems set, for good. There is only a "for" or an "against" left. A dehumanized face to face.

When will an "other" be possible, finally, with Josefa? A simple opening without direction, without preconceptions as a migrant-being? That way I could, freely, without political or media pressure, let myself be touched by my own migration.

Like yours, media or politician, my migration is not a painting, a copy or a print, but a unique reality, my reality which allows me to seek, to find "my place" in this world.

Media or politicians, you do not own the "Reality" and all the less when you have (unfortunately, you are not the only ones as a result) the audacity to lock us up, to fix our share of humanity that you qualify as "migrants".

Indeed, it is not right to see migration as one thinks he or she should see it for others, but it is good to live it out as I am, a migrant.

So, by way of "political will", Josefa invites you to plunge, each and everyone, in your place, and not "collectively", into the waters of your own migration.

Paths of humanity, indeterminable and indeterminate traces, unique paths, with a view to freely exchanged glances on our migrations, without excessive constraints.

You are most welcome to come and talk about it at the Josefa House, a habitat that migrates according to our migrations, in Brussels, in the heart of Europe.