Migration or Exile. Which one is it?

How can we even dare to talk about, reflect upon or oppose "migration" and "exile"? We can certainly attempt to examine or scrutinize our own "migration", but can we do more than that?

In fact, how does one approach the migration of another person, the exiled, the foreigner, who is banished from himself, from you, from his homeland, from your family?

Would I allow you or someone else to interfere with my own migration, or my exile, even for noble reasons such as empathy? When can we interfere? In what political, social or religious circumstances?

Most of the time, we don’t even have any control over our own migrations, especially a forced one; so who gives others the "right" to make claims on it, consider its economic impact, examine it, make a case study out of it, or use it for statistical purposes?

For sure, our migrations inter-act, view each other and are reviewed, but always in a unique way, and on a one-to-one basis only.

I am not a statistic, no more than you, and my migration remains personal, even among a group of "migrants".

"All of us, migrants", together, according to our own unique and/or particular, but always personally "human", migrations.

With migration, nothing is ever too human. So which one is it? It’s up to each person, in his or her own migration or exile, to decide, freely or not, what to think!