Migrant: Global Compact for Migration!

So, what’s happening with the Global Compact for Migration? What’s new in regard to my "migrant" condition? Am I still seen or considered as the "other", or do you and I finally perceive ourselves as "migrants"?

In short, are we finally seeing migration in a new light, or is being a "migrant" reserved only for the few?

This is a very important matter because at issue is the labelling and, more dangerously, the discrimination of a part of humanity. I admit, this discrimination is thought to be generally positive and stems from a desire to help. However, it creates borders between us, and cleavages, rejections, even violence ensue.

Do politicians, the media, social interests realise the walls they build amidst our humanity? Who will have to demolish them one day?

Should we not, in keeping with the Global Compact for Migration, think up another economy? Not that of "those migrants", but simply an economy of what’s real, that is, on account of my humanity, I am, like everyone else, a "migrant".