What if I asked for asylum... in heaven?

To return to "one's homeland" using an alternate route... When it comes to being exiled, thinking of ​​returning home can last a moment or forever... 

One might ask what kind of exile we are returning from. Exile of birth, death, life? Where do I come from? Where am I going? Where is my temporal or eternal home?

So I find that both concepts, exile and asylum, are closely connected. For a moment or forever. But who is leading me into exile? Who is encouraging me to cross the threshold of asylum? On earth? Or in heaven?

This question is directed to me: as a human being, as a migrant, my being seeks asylum, a home, a refuge, for a moment or forever?

Therefore, isn’t it particularly challenging to offer "asylum" in Europe, the United States, Africa or elsewhere? Whereas the request that is made concerns life, peace, and transcends all borders, all space and time and lasts forever.