I will no longer call you "migrant"; Why?

Because we are all migrants, you, like me. Friends or enemies, we are brothers, brothers in humanity, brothers in migration?

You are not more of a migrant than I am; you are a migrant in another way, your way, which is yours only.

I will no longer call you a migrant, because you do not call me a migrant: yet we are; it is not necessary to remind one person of their status while not mentioning the other person’s status, thus creating a gap between us. We are on the same path, on the same road, seeking the same truth, and have the same thirst for life.

Why should I associate you with a group, "the migrants", thus reducing what you are to this label; you do not do this to me? So why? Why is this wind blowing on European countries to create borders, whereas the wind ignores borders? Where does this permanent need to give a label to others come from? Why? Is it fear? The desire to keep one’s distance? The wish or certainty of knowing oneself, with others, superior, more "developed"?

All this sounds very surreal, and yet? Migrant am I; but I prefer to keep this term for "migrants", the vulnerable, objects of assistance, integration, hospitality…

Of course, it is not a question here of throwing everything away, at the risk of confusing "good" and "evil". But why stick labels, even if, politically and socially, it can be conceived. In fact, we are talking about ourselves and our freedom of being a migrant (or not). Migrants we are, as a work in progress, as is our humanity…