Creative migration

Migration is sometimes viewed as a need to distance oneself for purposes of survival. In that case, the separation, or rather the exile, occurs for the sole purpose of avoiding death under the arbitrary blows of a blood-thirsty violence… 

Once the decision to migrate is made, under duress, the next step is to find a space, a third party, an alternative, which will help in the process of rebuilding. This rebuilding will involve a particularly inoperative solitude, then a secured housing environment in which one can recall other memories of one’s past that are free of exile and thus where a climate of hospitality, of closeness can have restorative properties.

If these important conditions are met, then migration can be a way to reinvent one’s life. Survival gives way to life. The imaginary can finally breathe in the reality. The damaged body discovers through the (this time, non-threatening) presence of others a spiritual dimension which enables one to live.

The spirit of humanity has survived the wounds of the body tortured by a forced migration. Since the body was damaged in its capacity to trust, it is through a "conversion", through a spiritual migration that the forced migration can potentially find peace.

To find meaning at the crossroads of foundation and purpose can lead to a sustainable unity on our paths of shared migration. Migration then takes on beautiful creative colours and gives way to existence.