At the heart of our financial exodus, what spiritual element remains? The cry of mankind.

Doubtless there is nothing new under the sun: what has been will be again… 

Nevertheless, the revelations of these last few months on tax evasion, which is only a form among others of financial migration, seem to reveal a new face of our societies, a face that was veiled up to now: what had remained secret during decades, to the point of becoming the pivot of the politics of some countries, such as Switzerland or Panama, is now revealed in broad daylight; a lot of behaviours which seemed normal and which had existed for a long time are thus brought to light; some penalties are imposed… There is like a wind of change.

As a symptom of the disorder of the economic and financial system of our planet, which leads to more and more significant disparities and threatens, thereby, the future of our societies as seriously as the climatic disorder, fiscal migration seems less and less acceptable: every revelation causes a shock wave in an increasingly better informed and critical opinion which refuses from now on to be fooled. Do we hear the cry of mankind joining the cry of the earth, not "against these wild soldiers" that the French anthem sings, but against a minority whose speculations disorientate the economies of countries, rich and poor, and cause the confusion, or even the migration of millions of people? How can some of us, the favoured ones, put their fortune under cover while the rest of the population pays, willy-nilly, their taxes without trying to escape them, without a fiscal exile? Do we have to wait for the invisible hand of a strangely ethical market to come and moderate the enthusiasm of tax evasion?

Undoubtedly, now is the time, before populist movements force the tone, that a constructive legislative spirit be born to slow down the fiscal exile.

To varying degrees, the cry of all men has to resound and be heard. Therefore, in its own way, Josefa, a Public Utility Foundation, intends to contribute to meet in a long-lasting way these ethical challenges which condition the future of our Common Good. At the heart of our migrations, Josefa wants to make sure that its financial partners, who contribute to the development of the Josefa House, are not hindered by migrations that are not very spiritual because they are only materially optimized.

Together, let us live our temporal and financial migrations, without excessive optimization before the cry of men resounds endlessly.