Migration in Europe, for which eternity?

What historical legacy does Western Europe want to leave in regard to migration? …


That of a Europe which strives to contribute to the "Well-Being" of humanity, by migrating to like-minded places far away and seeking hospitality for its citizens? Or that of a Europe which leans heavily on its borders, adopting a ghetto mentality?

Very clever indeed is the one, outside or inside Europe, who can clear up this question, without falling in a bottomless and endless dilemma.

In fact, during these last few months, a large proportion of Europeans have said that they are open to the flows of exiled migrants, often because of wars (wars that are sometimes armed by that same Europe) and other Europeans have declared themselves against migrants, asylum seekers, refugees, and foreigners.

What will history retain? To what eternity does Europe, with its values, aspire? It is undoubtedly difficult to pass judgement in the short term, but the question arises: what does the migratory challenge mean for Europe?

For Josefa, it seems that the issue of migration in Europe can be expressed in the following way: why do so many migrant people come knocking at its door? What sense can be derived from all of this?

Depending on the answer, it will be possible to think in what sense will our migrations become convenient and thus fertile sources, for the present, for the future, for all eternity, therefore generating, in that respect, hospitable attitudes; or, without creating too simplistic a dichotomy, it will be a question of acknowledging the way of rejection, the deployment of separatist borders, strengthening the building of closed societies, as globalized as they might be (versus consumerism and populism).

What migrations, for which Europe? Doubtless, all of our migrations, free or forced, in mutual echo. When one comes, another one goes. To stay or to move, depending on what time, what spaces?

Eternity is, because it is registered in migrations in history and beyond history. Nobody can therefore escape his or her migrant's story; the challenge is simply to accept our migrations, together, in the service of a peaceful future, between us, all migrants, today and tomorrow. Eternity will not be too long for that.