Migrants: a new breed

Migrants. Who isn’t partaking in this phenomenon: from the media, governments, universities, businesses, social or humanitarian organisations, faith-based organisations, up to the United Nations? Who is still refraining from the idea of ​​co-constructing this category of "migrants"?

Very few, and if even the Pope has become involved supporting the much-touted "statistics" of the IOM and "its 250 million migrants", who will still dare to rise up against the makeup of this group identified as "migrants"?

All the same, let's take a step back, if those of the remnant who are still wasting their time thinking about it wish to do so. Migrants: How has this new breed come about? Who are their ancestors? Who are or will be their children? Do they have a particular physique, a distinct way of thinking, a different spirit? Are they of a specific nature or culture to constitute this category called "migrants"?

Why are so many of us reaching out, in Europe or elsewhere, bringing aid or assisting this mass of people called migrants? Is it an "absolute requirement" that I am unaware of? This assistance being provided, this support for integration, employment, and inculturation, seem to be motivated by a charity in disguise.

So, why are we not waking up and standing up against the rise of this "humanist-humanitarian populism", albeit generous, but that has created and creates "migrants".

Can someone help me to see more clearly?

Am I one of "these migrants" or not?