Migrant migrations

What will become of our migrations without a policy that is also migrating? Without doubt, this is a major challenge for the very paradoxical realpolitik of today, among others, in Europe

If it is a question of thinking about a different way of looking at migration issues in view of the ineffectiveness in what the political world offers, should we not first wonder about what is seen or, better still, looked at when our mind asks questions about the migrant being?

In fact, if ever there was a political consensus on the migration challenge, it has been very fragile and regularly undermined, in one direction (welcoming, attentive) or another (rejection, mistrust) towards those who get the title of "migrants" imposed on them.

And obviously, this is understandable since each political, media or social body offers its own version, as if a truth was clearly established to say who is or who is not a migrant.

In “reality”, our eyes diverge according to our own journey: for such and such, I am a “nice” migrant, for other people, I am an “awful” migrant, and so on… and vice versa. It clearly depends on who looks at whom, according to which modality, and which economy.

In fact, our migrations become migrants themselves depending on who looks at them from the inside or outside, according to their nature, their spirit…

This gets really confusing... unless at last, each person, in their own body, decides to think of, to feel, our migrations in terms of migrations: "all of us, migrants", without looking too closely, that is to say at a fair distance which allows others to say and therefore to form an opinion, without haste, on others.

Together we are, as together our migrations are: migrating.