JOSEFA press release

At a time when some in Europe are appropriating the political field and the media with "discriminatory comments" on "migrants", some men and women express themselves differently.

In these times of transition, the Josefa Foundation allows citizens of all generations to give their "outlook" on the question: "All of us, migrants; what about me?"

Thus about fifteen outlooks, including that of the actor Fabrizio Rongione, are captured in front of a mirror and question our relationship to our migration, a source for our societies of today and tomorrow.

These multicultural outlooks are broadcast on the Josefa web and on the JosefaFoundation">Josefa social media.

In Brussels, since 2015, within the Josefa House, the Josefa Foundation has welcomed and housed migrant people, taking into account the material, psychological and spiritual dimensions of each, in their uniqueness. The Josefa Foundation is the initiator of the campaign "All of us, migrants; what about me?"; an invitation to change our outlook on ourselves: All of us, migrants.

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