Together, migrant

Over the last ten years, Josefa's itinerancy has led to a reflection on our human migrant condition with the delicate observation that it is almost impossible to change the traditional migratory economy.

When it comes to migration, there are two opposing worlds: the "pros" and the "cons" and at the centre "them, the so-called migrants".

So what can we say? Undoubtedly, it is necessary to continue the fight against this form of discrimination, which is not only semantic, but anthropological and even political.

However, for Josefa, after the time of "all migrants" has come the time of "together, migrant", which wants to highlight the diversity of our migrations (physical, intellectual, psychological, spiritual) and therefore, both their exteriority and their interiority. "Together, migrant" signifies the interdependence of our migrations, of our migrant-beings, but also the possible individuation, or even unification, of each uniqueness that we are as living beings.

For this is also a novelty for Josefa. Until then, it was mainly about being a migrant. In the last few months, since the launch of the Josefa Mill project, there has been a movement to pay attention to the migratory life of every being, without being limited to any kind of nature or culture.

Therefore, together, migrant means an ecology of habitability. To inhabit our migrations, which themselves constitute us and make us alive, leads us to think of ourselves as "together, migrant inhabitants".