Work in progress at JOSEFA: migrations

As of September, Josefa has reached a significant milestone: the receipt of the first instalment of the transformation and development works, relating to the buildings at 30, rue des Drapiers in Brussels, which had started in August 2018...

Thus, renovated with the help of the contributors and corporate partners of the Josefa Foundation, the building offers various possibilities: accommodation for 12 people, cultural space, meditation space, artistic residency, offices and laundry.

In the coming months, work will continue at 26-28, rue des Drapiers. Here again, the Josefa Foundation's donors and partners, and hopefully you too, will help to rehabilitate housing for 20 people, dining spaces, a well-being space, a garden, a multimedia library, offices, technical rooms.

It goes without saying that your contributions are welcome. In this respect, for more information or to organise a visit, you are invited to write to us: .

In the spirit of the Josefa Foundation and in line with its vision of "All of us, migrants", the Josefa House undertook its own migration in order to perpetuate its mission of hospitality and to reinforce its capacity and the quality of its welcome, for both residents and visitors.

To see the work done or to appreciate the ongoing work in order to determine the level of support you would like to offer, or just to discover the Josefa House, you are certainly welcome.

Hope to meet you.