Together: Inhabiting the Name

In a way, we could say that the Josefa House is first of all inhabited by spaces that make possible the presence of the individuals that we are... 

These spaces have names to signify their own unique existence. Like Josefa, all these names are in "a", signifying a dimension of maternity, of hospitality.

The reception area on the ground floor of the Josefa House is named after a resident of the Josefa House: Ata. The cultural space is named after the co-founder of Josefa House: Ana. The meditation area has been named after a biblical figure: Sara.

The common space on the first floor is named Tessa to honour the memory of Sister Thérèse who, in her time (from 1952), organised the buildings in rue des Drapiers to accommodate a community of Carmelites of Saint Joseph and a pedagogy, a home for young girls.

The media library is called Selma, a name suggested by Claire, a volunteer from the Josefa Foundation. The psycho-spiritual space is called Alma, meaning the migrations of our minds or souls.

Finally, the artistic space was given the name of Maia, personifying the creative principle.

Furthermore, we could point out that the door of the Josefa House residence opens according to our fingerprints. A key that is singularly different each time, like our migrations.

Welcome to Josefa House!