Together as migrants

Since May 2015, the Josefa House has been living in Ixelles with, today, about twenty European or Middle-Eastern co-residents, all migrants...

This challenge of being together versus migration has been met at the heart of the city with proposals regularly opened to the local public: conferences, workshops, assemblies, concerts, meals…

As many of us know, a planning permit was obtained in 2016 to transform the buildings of the Josefa House in order to create an eating space as well as medical, cultural and meditation spaces.

But, in the end, in view of the life and activities within the Josefa House, the Board of directors of the Josefa Foundation has decided not to follow through with the original urbanistic and architectural plans costing several million euros.

As a result, the Josefa House and its approach can continue, for we intend to go in search of new buildings so as to open a second Josefa House, on the basis of the experience we have acquired since 2015.

Therefore, if an individual or institution is interested in this calling, he or she is welcome to join us.

The objective is still to serve the common interest which is enriched and affected by our migrations and, in particular, by the migrations of those who have been forced into exile.

Josefa, creator of spaces in the heart of our city to help us live our migrations in light of this insightful question fuelled by our migrations: Am I a migrant?