JOSEFA… House… Migrant habitat…

After the "all of us, migrants" approach, and the consideration that our migrations are at the foundation of our "migrant" humanity, Josefa invites us to cross the threshold of the "migrant habitat"

The first Josefa adventure was developed in the city, in Brussels, on Drapiers Street. For the next step, our eyes are encouraged to turn to the countryside, to Walloon Brabant. The intent is to think of an "alternately light" habitat, according to our migrations, our transitions.

The first step is to build a team, the bearer of the project. At the same time, philosophical, political, urbanistic, legal research: in progress (inhabited housing); and discovery-encounters of existing experiences, in Belgium or in Europe: the idea is, already, to dream about the space, to posit utopias.

At this stage, it could be a plot of approximately 3 hectares on which and with which, and according to the experience of the Josefa House in Ixelles, some spaces would be created: a living space (for around thirty people divided into ten houses); a catering area, an artisan-artistic space, a cultural space, a meditation space and an “empty” space.

One reality of this new project: it would be lived out in concert with a territory and its "occupants" (citizens, political actors...) in order to think and live "together", but also, possibly, with other project carriers, with accents of transitional inclusion echoing the theme "all of us, migrants".

The phenomenon of our migrations remains to this day a challenge and definitely an issue for the future. Combined with ways of adopting our uniqueness and transitional challenges, this new approach towards a “second migrant Josefa House” with maintained “nature versus culture” accents and, in respect of each person, in the entirety of our “man versus nature” dimensions is a creative action with political and societal responsibility.

Welcome to those who want to think or continue to think differently about our human migrations.