JOSEFA House... A roof and wings

After 7 years of progress, joy and fear, labours and celebrations, encounters and solitudes, disappointments and hopes, here we are. Josefa has now entered the embellishment phase

In May 2015, Josefa House moved to rue des Drapiers in Ixelles. But it was in September 2011 that the Josefa adventure began.

Around the world, in Belgium in particular, several hundred of us have contributed, to varying degrees: administrators, volunteers, residents, people in transit, partners, contributors, friends. Following our convictions and our questions, the Josefa vision has developed, step by step, and, thus, imposed itself in some people’s hearts and surprised the minds of others.

Nevertheless, about a hundred residents and thousands of visitors have weighed in on the bricks of the Josefa House with their steps, their voices, their looks, their silences.

What has followed since September 2018: daily life continues with residencies as well as cultural, artistic, and faith-based proposals... and renovation and embellishment projects.

A roof and wings, according to our "migrant" being.

Josefa is 7 years old. It exists and develops, thanks to all of us, migrants. Because all of us, in one way or another, have the desire for a roof and wings.

Thank you all for continuing to create the future of Josefa.