JOSEFA House: A call to action

Over time, since September 2011, the Josefa itinerary is being mapped out. As a reminder, here are some key stops...

  • September 2011: launching of our initiative (with a team of 10 people; to date, 3 associates, about twenty volunteers and many pro bono interventions and pieces of advice).
  • June 2012: acquisition of legal personality as a Public Utility Foundation: Josefa Foundation.
  • December 2012: launch of the website (to date, 120,000 visitors).
  • July 2013: beginning of a special partnership with the Saint Joseph Carmel (real estate opportunities for the Josefa House).
  • July 2014: completion of the architectural process for the Josefa House (in consultation with the Brussels-Capital Region and the Municipality of Ixelles).
  • October 2014: approval by the Josefa Foundation Board of directors for the construction of the Josefa House in Ixelles.
  • February 2015: submission of the planning permit application.

As a result, at the present time, each of us is invited to walk further with Josefa. This proximity can result in a human contribution (volunteering of one's skills, support-advice, or expertise). It can also be achieved by a material or financial contribution in order to support or take part in the development of the Josefa House. Considerable resources are needed: the Josefa House indeed has to get a facelift of its 2,500 m², its 44 accommodation units, and its spaces designated for food and beverage, wellness, cultural exchanges, and for meditation and prayer.

The existing efforts are real and constant (we commend those involved and thank them); however, our efforts and yours still have an essential role to play so that the Josefa House may open its doors in the best conditions of time and hospitality space.