House – Meaning – History: Refuge

If the 20th century resonates with social progress and human rights issues, inthe 21st century we are focusing our attention and our sensibilities on migration ...

But more importantly, the underlying question that arises and that no one has really answered or collectively addressed in the 20th century is the question of meaning: Why?

Indeed, why our migrations? Constraints or dissatisfactions or naive exercises of a pseudo free will?

But why should I accept the meaning that has been given to me: to work, to wage war, to exploit or to be exploited, to be reduced to a category that is imposed on me... or even mimetically proposed, to enjoy an economy based on "living together" or to be subjected to it...?

No! Migration remains a major challenge or an astonishment, and it is just as well. Indeed, deep down, who am I? A human being, a migrant being?

Transhistorical phenomenology, saturated or not, scientific, humanistic analysis... The fact remains that I am, I am a migrant.

Therefore, in my migrant being, resistance or submission are part of my humanity, my heritage or my history, at the service of our Human History.

According to temporal or spiritual rights or duties, I am, actively or passively, migrating at the heart of our, your migrations.

Forever and ever, seeking, building a house, a refuge, always and forever. An idea, a saying, that is and will be the House, a mature continuum, according to an end, a mysteriously un-defined deadline of my migrant-being?

I am a migrant, as a human being, among all of us migrants, according to the inhabitant and inhabited unveiling of the Meaning.