In the Josefa House, the invitation of hospitality requires, among other things, a closeness to those who, at present, are made vulnerable by their forced migration. The issue of hospitality is at the heart of the Josefa House...

While Josefa’s mission directly relates to refugees, it is not an option, but in fact the desire to participate in listening to and accepting the other, alien in origin, culture, faith and history.

For the Josefa Foundation, it is not about dealing with the problem of refugees, but about letting ourselves be touched by the other, welcomed in his singularity, particularly in terms of personal beliefs.

The Josefa Foundation feels called to journey with refugees made vulnerable by forced migration. At the heart of our current events marked by unprecedented migratory movements, isn’t each refugee seeking hospitality, in fact, a witness of a tested and very real hope in our fight for a better future?

The place of our deep vulnerabilities that each of us can name in our own words, isn’t it the place where we can accommodate the other fairly? The Josefa House wants to be a hospitality space within which encounters are happening in a reciprocity enriched by the migration of everybody. This is a fundamental objective of the Josefa House.