SHIFTS is my first audio documentary and my first project at the Josefa Foundation…

The desire to express myself differently is not new. The idea became clearer, as I listened more and more to my inner voice: an artistic expression? An audio-visual creation? Audio documentaries / radio creations / audio creations?

If the choice and the discovery of the medium plunge me into a new world, fascinate me and worry me, I feel right at home exploring topics related to identity, my own personal journey, real life stories, psychological realities, the relationship between oneself and the other and between oneself and life. It was always obvious to me that these issues were "a part of me", whether I liked it or not. Twenty years ago, I started studying psychology, rather naturally: indeed, I don’t recall having had any particular moments of discernment before deciding to study psychology.

In fact, I’m still surprised that psychological realities are not more "a part of" everyone! That our humanity has not made our psychic life more directly in sync with our biological, intellectual, spiritual, social, political life… Everything seems so compartmentalised!

Actually, not everything, it would seem! I discovered at Josefa a creative openness, coupled with a united and long-lasting commitment, as well as a sincere attention paid to the relationship with the other. My exchanges with the founders of this innovative project have immediately given rise to the creation of the SHIFTS project. And if it pleases Josefa, I hope that SHIFTS, besides being dedicated to the Josefa House, can find a permanent place in it.

Josefa is at the heart of Brussels. Josefa aims to become an actor in the real estate, social impact and sustainability sectors, and to be at the same time an economic, cultural and spiritual hub. It is both a global and a local project.

SHIFTS is inspired by the real-life experiences of residents of Brussels and by the way they have made the city theirs… the city they have adopted for the time being. The recordings will be made while walking in the streets and "their city" will be the backdrop for their impressions.

"Our migrations can be read on our faces"