Reconciling the economic and social aspects, money and humanity

For the Josefa Foundation, the biggest challenge is to encourage its contributors to provide lasting support to the Josefa House, from its implementation to its daily management. Thus, each contributor is invited to make a generous financial contribution along with a real estate investment. 

However, contributors are not only patrons or financial partners: they share a common destiny, that of humanity, with people from elsewhere, carrying their own values, their culture, their wealth. Our belief is that facts and figures can be combined to reconcile the economic and social aspects. Therefore, the following documents are available here for your information: bylaws, charter, vision statement.




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Our cantus firmus: a change of perspective

The initiators of the Josefa Foundation have gathered around their daring project a multidisciplinary team of volunteers and staff with various experiences and skills. They also called on a significant number of professionals who bring their expertise and advice in specific areas: migration, asylum, socio-economic inclusion, project management, taxation, architecture, law, communication and fundraising... The voices and instruments are in harmony with each other, forming a cantus firmus and changing our perspective.

Our organisation: acting according to our gifts

Under the authority of a six-member Board (including three experts on migration and asylum) chaired by Gilbert Granjon, a technical committee was set up along four axes: operational / IT-communication; human resources; finance and administration; and fundraising. The multidisciplinary project team is carried along by the Josefa spirit, in which collaborators, employees and volunteers commit themselves through a code of ethics which seeks a communion of gifts offering more than what each individual would be just by themselves.

With its itinerary and the expertise of its team, breaking with the more classical patterns, the Josefa Foundation dares to engage itself, to question and to propose a renewed path towards the challenges of migration, according to its societal vision: "All Migrants", and according to its experience on a daily basis, at the threshold and within the House Josefa.

Vision: "All migrants" according to a comprehensive (physical, psycho-intellectual and spiritual) approach for each one of us, for each of our individual uniqueness, focusing on the cultural and convictional dimensions attached to our migrations.

Mission: Since mid-2015, the House Josefa has been at the service of a conversion of our look on our migrations. In it, in Brussels, there are about thirty co-residents, migrants from the world, and multiple proposals: social, cultural and convictional, open to all.

Here is the invitation of the House Josefa, the face of the Foundation, which opens its doors, freeing itself from pre-defined migratory itineraries, but without denying the memory of our origins or our traditions, however diverse they may be.

For Josefa, the time has come to convert our perspective on our migrations: it is our responsibility today and for future generations.