JOSEFA – Migrant

The restorations and renovations are coming to an end.

Since September 2018, the Josefa House has been experiencing its migration. In September 2019, the completion of a significant portion of the restorations and renovations has already allowed the arrival of twelve residents…

Since then, the cultural and artistic spaces have been completely refurbished and a meditation space has been created; thanks to the artisans and artists who embellished the spaces.

In the coming weeks, to mark a “new year”, the Josefa House will see the end of its “youth” work. Depending on the status of the health crisis, the time will come to celebrate all these stages of reconstruction.

And then, step by step, the Josefa House will welcome 32 residents and, hopefully, as the months go by, new events: exhibitions, concerts, workshops… and regular times of meditation.

In this regard, those who would like to benefit from the hospitality of the Josefa House, personally or as an organization, are invited to write to us:

Various options are possible, under certain conditions:

The occupation of the caretaker’s lodge by a single person or by a couple who will be invited to actively participate in the monitoring and planning of the Josefa House.

  • The care and management of the psycho-cultural space.
  • A residency in the art space.
  • The use of the cultural space.
  • Meditation times alone or in groups in the space concerned.
  • The use of an office for an organization whose visions and missions are similar to those of the Josefa Foundation.
  • Accommodations, under certain conditions, in the apartments.

Finally, to all of you who, in one way or another, have supported the migration of the Josefa House: a big and warm thank you.