End of work: New Josefa space

This time it can be said: the work on the Josefa House is complete! What a migratory journey since the summer of 2018; a journey that was certainly eventful but that culminates in a new and beautiful space Josefa

Prelude in a way to the new Josefa mission on “Migrant Habitat”. Indeed, since mid-2018, the Josefa House in Ixelles has undergone its own migration, enriched by the gestures of the craftsmen but also by the lives of some twenty people who have succeeded each other in the completed step-by-step parts.

From this month of September, the Josefa House will welcome 32 residents, who, through their migration, come to write the next migratory steps of the Josefa House.

Thus, Josefa House welcomes not only the residents, but also, through the new spaces, everyone who migrates. Thus, we are invited to discover the new cultural space, “Ana space”, embellished with stained glass windows by Jean-François Jans, the new meditation space, “Sara space”, made intimate by the curtains created by Pierre Sohie. There is also an artistic space, “Maia space”, which offers itself to the presence of migrantartists, in this case creators of films and documentaries, and a psycho-spiritual space, “Alma space”, which will be inhabited, in their own way, by two proposals: ontological coaching and care of bodily memories, according to the possible and fertile synergies with the migrations resonating in the Josefa House.

Finally, without forgetting the two beautiful gardens, the Josefa House has been embellished with several spaces open to all residents: a media library, Selma space, and a vast space on the first floor, “Tessa space”, for meetings and exchanges.

For the future, at the completion of these developments, the next Poustinia will come to combine the various harmonics of the Josefa House with that of the intimacy of the retreatantwho seeks a more interior migration.

In short, no more hesitation, each and every one of us is welcome at Josefa House and, once again, a huge thank you to all those who have contributed or who will contribute, according to their own migrations, to the migration of Josefa House.