"Coming from the migrant community, my personal journey allows me to recognise that housing is the keystone of good social integration. I was lucky enough, during my journey, to meet some remarkable people and these encounters gave me the chance to be accompanied, not only in taking steps for housing and other endeavours, but also to benefit from spiritual support."

Françoise, December, 2011

"What we have left of life on Earth, may we give it meaning in a fertile and, as far as possible, colourful way. Hence the ambition of our project."

Annabelle, December 28, 2011

"What interests me in the 'Josefa Foundation' project, is, if I may say so, 'the angle of attack', namely, the successful integration of foreigners in our countries, through its various components: economic, social, cultural, psychological and spiritual, in brief involving the entire human being."

Jean-Louis, January 15th, 2012.

"For me, the Foundation is like home. ‘Home’ has a warm, collective, united feel to it. The home is the family meeting place, a place of rest and peace; at home, we can get fresh ideas, find reassurance."

Louise, January, 2012.

"Every man carries within himself a dignity. This dignity is intrinsic to him, independent from his status, from his stage of life and even from his deeds, whether good or bad. Every human being is infinitely more than his acts or than what happens to him in his life, for example the fact that he had to leave his country; he is responsible for his actions, nevertheless he is more than his actions."

Marc, January 20th, 2012

"In the Josefa Foundation project, it seems to us that there is a prophetic dimension: this welcoming of migrants/refugees, each one having a face and a story, is meant to be a welcoming of the person in all aspects (physical, psychological and spiritual) of his or her being and an invitation, in the heart of our city, to change the way we look at each other, […] to consider the foreigner as a host, while we can be tempted to withdraw into ourselves in this time of crisis."

Patricia, in January, 2012