Reconciling my social ambitions with my financial resources

How do I combine my financial investments with my social or societal ambitions?

How can I further my patronage while confronting the challenges of migration? Undoubtedly, I should set my sights beyond a mere financial return: a secure disbursement, promoting first and foremost the yield of a fair patronage, with little risk. Therefore, the Josefa Foundation proposes to invest in a "bond" with social impact, serving the "migration" interests. In other words, a well-managed charity, serving a "social mutual fund".

What is life worth if we do not share it?

As a private contributor, individually or with my family, I want to give some worth, some meaning to my life by financially contributing to a pro-vocation that compels me. The Josefa Foundation gives me the opportunity to invest, along with others, in a share of the Josefa House, either in the form of a space, or in the form of time for refugees who wish to be included among us.

I buy a space, I share my time, I enhance the value of my tax advantage

By contributing to the building of Josefa House, I can receive the tax relief that is granted to a charitable foundation and get real benefits :

  • obtaining a title or real estate interest at a preferential tariff
  • enhancing the property at a lower cost because the apartments constitute social housing,
  • participation in a highly structured project with guarantees of success.

The Josefa Foundation offers me an equitably shared space, time and tax advantages.

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