It is traditionally accepted that, apart from returning to one’s country of origin or integrating into one’s host country, resettlement is one of the three durable solutions "offered" to the more than 10 million people registered as refugees in the world. So, what is this solution, presented as one of the three options available for people in situations of forced exile, and is it really a solution ?

While already lying dormant in the minds and hearts of some of us, we received it as a gift in the course of the initial meetings of the Josefa Foundation’s founding members.

It offers itself to us, to you, and invites us to dwell in it.

Josefa, as a name, refers to a person, the person, because the Josefa Foundation intends that the human person be at the heart of its mission.

In this new fiscal year, we are happy to share with you, active or potential contributors, that our business plan is available on request, as well as the associated fiscal note. These documents were prepared with the cooperation of consultants from PwC.

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