Who is Josefa?

A personalized proposal, in its own words:

All of us, migrants.

Our migrations are the foundation and keystone of our humanity: yesterday, today and tomorrow, we were, we are and we shall be, always, all of us, migrants.

Because the human being is by nature a migrant being.

Our migrations are to be understood according to a global approach: physical, psycho-intellectual and spiritual; not just looking at the spatiotemporal or climatic dimension, nor limiting them to a socioeconomic integration. Therefore, without a discriminating categorization: "the migrants".

Every human being is unique and, correlatively, every migration is unique.

Our migrations affect every human being and the whole human being.

To be migrant constitutes our Humanity.




It has been four years since the Josefa House opened its doors. It has been seven years since the Josefa project started. What about the unrest around "migration"? 

On December 11 and 12, 2018, in Brussels, in tandem with the Global Compact for Migration, and while the migration issue was tearing apart the European Union and led to the collapse of the Belgian government, not one Belgian or European media reacted to the Josefa poster campaign: "ALL MIGRANTS". What should we make of this? 

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